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Breakthrough Advertising
  • The real reason they won't buy. You could be asking your copy to do this... See pages 3, 13 and 29.
  • Do you have above average marketing talent but struggle to get by? See why starting on page 20!
  • How to reinvent your headline after competitors copy and steal your idea. See page 39.
  • If you have great ideas but can’t come up with the right words see page 51.
  • Why PROOF is not enough. They’ll never believe you until you show them this… See pages 86 and 131.
  • How a forgotten old school technique lets you lower the price by charging more! See page 162.
  • Make advertorials that don’t feel like ads with these nearly lost secrets from the glory days of mail order. See page 186.

A note from the publisher

From The Desk Of Brian Kurtz

Gene Schwartz was my friend and mentor for more than 20 years.

I am honored to have the exclusive rights to his masterpiece Breakthrough Advertising and, along with his wife Barbara, make it available to a new generation.

This is a book that every business needs - especially if you work in marketing.

Dear friend,

Human behavior hasn’t changed since 1966.

Actually, you could plug in any year before 1966 (1066?) and say the same thing.

And while many think Breakthrough Advertising is only about creative, copywriting and direct marketing, it is more importantly about human behavior…

…how we can predict it and

…understanding why people make decisions at the deepest level.

Gene Schwartz said over and over both publicly and to me in private:

“The greatest mistake marketers make is trying to create demand.”

And one of the most fascinating things you should know about Gene is that he was never about trying to create mass desire.

Rather, he saw his job as channeling and directing the mass desire in the market toward his product.

He makes it sound so simple.

But when one of the world’s greatest copywriters to ever live lets the rest of us in on his secret to success, we must pay attention.

Breakthrough Advertising contains the careful documentation of an Advertising System that has been quietly producing millionaires since 1966.

And soon you'll see, that when combined with the easy to follow training program Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll be implementing Gene’s system at breakneck speed.

You’ll learn more about Breakthrough Advertising Mastery below…

It's a "one of a kind" resource that will let you in on how Gene thought and how he saw the world.

Learning the Breakthrough Advertising System will be like putting on a new pair of glasses - a new lens that lets you see the world differently.

And once you learn Gene’s system, everywhere you look you’ll start seeing 

  • Unlimited ideas for "impossible to ignore" marketing hooks
  • How those headlines you love to swipe are actually created and
  • How to breathe life back into your old offers and
  • Create new instant winners simply by learning to think like Gene!

You will become what Gene describes as a “Market Maker.”

Stick with me and I’ll prove all of this to you in just a second…

In my 40 year career running the direct marketing company Boardroom, I hired and worked with nearly every A-list copywriter you can think of… including Gene!

Amazing marketers like:
  • Gary Bencivenga
  • David Deutsch
  • Parris Lampropoulous
  • Mel Martin
  • Arthur Johnson
  • Bill Jayme
  • Jim Rutz
  • Eric Betuel

I hired and worked closely with each one plus many others.

And here’s what you should know.

Every single person I worked with, regardless of their skill level, studied the Breakthrough Advertising System you’re reading about now.

And the true masters reviewed it at least once a year.

There’s a reason people call it the “Direct Response Bible.”

Commit to Learn from the Absolute Best
Get to Know the Book that Mentored Your Mentors

One of the most sophisticated books on advertising ever written. Virtually every master-level direct-response copywriter has read this book once, and most read it every year, only to discover new insights.


I Will Teach You to be Rich

Breakthrough Advertising is one of the all-time great marketing books by one of the all-time great marketers. Every aspiring marketer or copywriter should read it


Digital Marketer

Top 5 greatest business books ever written. And top 3 most useful and practical business books ever written. I reference this book every week on our team calls and with clients. (Great stuff Brian.)


Herman Global Ventures

You Don’t even have to like writing to make a handsome profit…

Very Wealthy Plumbers, Accountants, Stock Brokers, Carpet Cleaners, Roofers, Mattress Store Owners, Dentists and IT Professionals Can All Confirm THE PROCESS WORKS

Breakthrough Advertising is not simply a book about writing a good advertisement or compelling sales copy...

It's an advertising system that SHOWS you in great detail:

  • How to identify a single dominant mass desire in your market and then
  • Channel that desire, at will, toward your product or service.

In short, it's a system that shows you how to THINK like the master himself...Eugene Schwartz. 

That's the true secret.

It's not about writing.

It's about developing your ability to look at a market and see the opportunities that others cannot. 

It involves a process that you'll see in action in just a second...

“In the know” business owners have been applying Gene’s system to their marketing for more than 50 years…

…creating a life of freedom and wealth for themselves, their teams and their families.

These business owners weren’t any smarter than you or I.

They didn’t come from vast sums of money.

They simply understood how to follow a process.

And it is this process that is described in the pages of Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Best of all, it's a process that is backed by more than 50 years of compounding proof.

I’m not aware of any other book that can make and sustain a claim like this decade after decade, in any economy and under any government leader.

Three Basic Steps to Understanding The Breakthrough Advertising System

Let’s walk through the basic strategy of persuasion found inside Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery. 

There are three essential steps at the heart of Gene's system.  

Step 1: Identify the dominant desire that creates your market.

Every person who buys from you is looking for a transformation.

They desire to move from where they are currently into a new reality.

Identifying this dominant desire is your first step and it’s the focus of Chapter 1 of Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Step 2: Identify how your product’s performance creates the market’s desired transformation.

You need to show the market that the transformation they desire is the natural outcome of using your product.

The market needs to see that the solution to their problem runs through your product.

You will start learning Gene’s process for doing this in chapters two and three of Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Step 3: Segment your market based on their state of awareness and sophistication level.

States of Awareness and Levels of Market Sophistication are probably the two most quoted concepts from Breakthrough Advertising. 

Unfortunately, they’re also the most misunderstood. 

And that’s due to the number of marketers who teach their own interpretations of these concepts, watering them down and diluting their true power. 

The States of Awareness and Levels of Market Sophistication are first introduced to you in Chapters 3 and 4 of Breakthrough Advertising. But they are woven into every chapter that follows.

The important thing for you to grasp right now is this:

At each State of Awareness and each Level of Market Sophistication, your prospect is asking a different set of questions that your marketing must answer.

“One size fits all” marketers waste their time and money when they show Product Aware messaging to a Problem Aware audience.

These two market segments are asking completely different questions. 

Inside Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you will see how to identify the questions that your market is asking at each level. 

And this will allow your marketing to build a deeper bond with your audience because it will feel more personal. 

Don’t Just Read Breakthrough Advertising…MASTER It!

To make it even easier for you to follow the Breakthrough Advertising System, I’ve created a companion study guide and training program that walks you through everything.

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a one of a kind resource that will serve as your treasure map to the world of opportunity that Gene opened for us all.

It will show you step by step how to implement Gene’s system.

It will be the steady companion, at your side, guiding you through every page and concept.

It will walk you through each chapter of Breakthrough Advertising with custom exercises, training videos and worksheets.

You will see firsthand how you can implement the Breakthrough Advertising System into your business.

Inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll get:
  • Step by step instructional videos that walk you through each chapter of Breakthrough Advertising
  • Fill in the blank worksheets for each chapter that prompt you to apply Gene’s creative thinking style to your offer
  • Chapter summaries that help you get the main ideas and takeaways from every chapter quickly without having to comb through the sometimes dense text of Breakthrough Advertising. PLUS you’ll see…
  • EVERY ad that Gene mentions in the book, printed in full color on glossy paper and organized by page number…

This is HUGE! See The Ads That Inspired Gene While Writing Breakthrough Advertising

We tracked down nearly every ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising and printed them in full color for you inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Then we organized them by page number so that when Gene mentions an ad in passing, you can quickly look it up. 

You’ll be able to see the ads that Gene references as he saw them.

You’ll even see different versions of the same ads which will show you how the advertisers at the time changed their messaging to increase response.

Here’s an example…

Take a look at the page below from the chapter on "Headline Patterns."

You can see that #7 is circled and the first headline is "Here's an Extra $50 Grace - I'm Making Big Money Now!" that's circled below... 👇

☝️ This is all you see of the "Grace" ad inside the 1966 version of Breakthrough Advertising.

But THIS is what you’ll see inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery. 👇

With Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you will learn from more than just the headline!

You’ll also learn from:

  • The images used in the ad
  • The layout used for the ad
  • The different fonts and sizes of the copy
  • Whether the advertiser used color or black and white

These are all intentional decisions the advertiser made that contributed to the success of the ad.

You get the complete picture with Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

With the exception of a few hard to find ads, we’ve done this for every ad mentioned in the Breakthrough Advertising!

Over 600 ads in all!

See Firsthand How the Breakthrough Advertising System Works

About Page 165 of Breakthrough Advertising…

Let's look now at the process in action.

Here are two examples of how you'll actually USE Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery to transform your approach to marketing.

Scenario 1: How a Marketing Agency Can Use Breakthrough Advertising to Find Their Unique Mechanism

Imagine you run a digital marketing agency.

You know you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

You feel stuck making the same ho-hum claims as every other agency.

Claims like:

  • We help you increase sales
  • We get more traffic to your website
  • We're your one stop shop for web design
  • We build funnels that scale

These are the kind of claims that lump you in with all the other agencies.

And you know you want something better. 

You have to find the thing that makes YOU special and unique.

You need to find your Unique Mechanism.

But how do you do that?

How to Find Your Unique Mechanism

The first step in finding what makes your agency unique, is to start thinking less about what you do…

…and more about HOW you get results.

“HOW” you get results and then naming that process is where you'll find your Unique Mechanism.

In Chapter 10 of Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery, you’ll see the process that Gene used to create the unique mechanisms for his products.

After diving in, here are some of the places in your agency that you're likely to start looking:  

  • Maybe you have a specific system for setting up ads for your clients
  • …or maybe there’s a process you use with your team to come up with promotion ideas for your clients
  • Or you could just be really good at writing emails but you don’t yet know how to describe your technique in a compelling way

Uniqueness is often found in what we think is mundane.

Don’t ignore the tiny details of how your business creates consistent results.

Documenting the way you work is the first step in identifying the thing that makes you different and unique.

Sometimes the methods we use that seem simple to us are the same methods that can set us apart from our competitors once we learn how to talk about them in a unique way.

Your unique mechanism is most likely sitting there, hidden in plain sight waiting to be discovered.

Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will show you how to find it and shine a spotlight on it to attract more business than you know what to do with.

Build Your Copy Assembly Line and Turn Ordinary Offers Into Extraordinary Assets

Are you starting to see how Gene’s system will help you?

It’s NOT about learning how to write.

It’s about learning how to THINK and spot the entry points into the market that your competitors can’t see.

It’s about seeing what others can’t.

Let’s look at another example. 

Scenario 2: How an Organic Skincare Product Can Use Breakthrough Advertising to Redefine Aging and Turn it Into a Positive

Imagine you're selling a high-end, organic skincare product to women.

The market is saturated, and your competitors are all bragging about the same product benefits:

  • Natural ingredients
  • No harmful chemicals and
  • Promises of healthier, younger looking skin.


It’s boring.

It’s surface level copy that’s easy to ignore.

But here is how "Breakthrough Advertising" and the "Breakthrough Advertising Mastery" will help you see beyond these surface-level talking points.

As you dive into the book, you start to understand the true nature of human desire; where it comes from and how you can channel it.

Going through the training exercises and worksheets inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery help you connect theory with the real world.

And you begin to understand that your customers aren't just buying skincare products; they're buying

  • A feeling
  • An experience
  • A promise of self-care and self-love.

But more than that you realize the women in your market have a hidden, secret desire that your competitors are ignoring.

They want to be accepted for who they are…where they are.

They’re tired of being told they need to look younger.

In fact, they secretly resent these messages from every other brand.

All of a sudden you see a way to stand out from everyone else.

THIS is the entry point into the market you’ve been looking for!

Instead of having a product line that sees aging as a bad thing…

Your product line encourages women to embrace themselves as they are.

Your business will be the one to REDEFINE what it means to age.

Turning it from a negative to a positive.

You’re no longer selling an organic skincare product.

You sell a way for women to take care of their skin while accepting themselves for who they are.

So you refer back to Gene’s formulas to help you create a message that grabs your customer’s attention and won’t let go.

These are the kinds of insights you get inside.

Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will show you how to think about what you marketing needs to do and spot the opportunities that everyone else misses.

You will become a Market Maker.

Breakthrough Advertising and ChatGPT.
A Match Made in Robot Heaven

Ok...It's time to address the AI elephant in the room.

Why even study advertising when AI can supposedly do it all for you? 

Well...when it comes to copywriting, whether you 

  • Write it yourself
  • Hire someone else to write it or
  • Use AI tools like ChatGPT…

You have to know what good copy looks like.

You have to be able to judge the copy that an AI tool gives you.

And to do that you have to know how to THINK about your market.

You have to spot the opportunities others miss.

So why not learn from the absolute best?

There's a reason today's top marketers have studied every word of Breakthrough Advertising...and still refer to it regularly.

You can either:

  • Learn to think like Gene from today’s marketers who recycle Gene’s ideas to sell you as their own.


  • You can go directly to the source for the pure, unfiltered wisdom from the master himself.

Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a complete program that will show you how to embed the complete Breakthrough Advertising System inside your business.

The Breakthrough Advertising System will become the Fountain of Youth for your current products…

And create a proverbial Gold Rush for your new ones.

Your competitors will never see it coming.

Breakthrough Advertising is the core strategy we use inside our agency that manages over $100,000,000 in annual ad spend. It's the strategy we use to convert cold traffic, at a positive ROAS for agency clients. The first three chapters should be repetitiously studied... if you desire success in marketing and business.


Love this book and I love that you're promoting it! From a marketing standpoint, if you haven't already you NEED to read this book. It's an MBA in marketing.


Instant classic. Time tested and proven methods to better run your business and life. If you're interested in reaching new heights and doing it with fewer problems this is a must read book.

It describes the principles plus fundamentals to a long, lucrative and fulfilling career as a successful entrepreneur.


It's one of only 2 books I read again and again several times per year. Its proven to be the most valuable gift I've received from you Brian Kurtz It's like an upgrade to your brain everytime you consume it.


Breakthrough Advertising is easily the most expensive book I've ever bought. It's also the most VALUABLE. It has helped me revitalize stale products, turn around my companies, and create marketing that works.


Breakthrough Advertising has completely shifted how I look at my marketing. Each chapter is solid gold and worth 10x the cost of the book, but the section on the Levels of Market Awareness has got to be one of the best things i've ever applied to my business and marketing, and easily responsible for several hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business.


You can read thousands of marketing and business books (which I have) or you can read and apply just one; Breakthrough Advertising! Applying the concepts learned through B.A. has helped me grow my business and it will help anyone grow theirs as long as they apply the knowledge.


Ready To Place Your Order?
You Have Two Really Great Options

  • YES! I’m ready to make the promises of Breakthrough Advertising true for me. I understand that I have 90 days to read Breakthrough Advertising AND the companion study guide Breakthrough Advertising Mastery cover to cover. I also understand that if I am unhappy for any reason, Brian will personally help me implement the book in my business until I get the breakthrough I deserve.

Please choose the option that works best for you below…

Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz

$125 plus shipping

With Option 1 you get the hardcover copy of Breakthrough Advertising shipped directly to your door. Nothing has been changed inside the chapters from the original 1966 release.

You pay $125 plus shipping!


Breakthrough Advertising PLUS

the Official Companion Study Guide Breakthrough Advertising Mastery!

$199 plus shipping

Don’t just read Breakthrough Advertising. Master it! With option 2 you get the hardcover copy of Breakthrough Advertising PLUS:

  • A copy of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery - How to implement the timeless brilliance of Eugene Schwartz so you are never forgotten
  • Easy to use “How To” exercises for each chapter that teach you how to implement what you learn and build your Marketing Muscle Memory
  • Custom worksheets you’ll use again and again for all your current and future promotions
  • Neatly summarized chapters so you can quickly get the main concepts. Great for fast references or a quick refresher
  • Private library of training videos showing how the exercises and worksheets are used in real life along with access to new trainings and materials for life

AND…how could we forget?

  • You also get nearly every original ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising printed in full color and referenced by page number!

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a utility and a collector’s item all in one!

Place your order for this amazing Breakthrough Advertising bundle today for just $199 plus shipping!

You Can’t Make a Wrong Choice and You Are Fully Protected by My Guarantee

Buy with confidence! If you don’t make back every single penny you invest to own this classic in the next 90 days, we will personally help you implement the concepts found in this book and embed them into your business. Simply contact us, mention this guarantee and we’ll take it from there. This book is too powerful for you to not experience YOUR breakthrough!

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Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery

Custom exercises to help you implement BA

Private training portal to download worksheets and view training videos

All the original ads mentioned in BA in Full Color

90 Day Purchase Protection Guarantee

Neatly summarized chapters for quick references


$125 + Shipping

$199 + Shipping

Compare BA vs BAM

Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will be resources you'll use for the rest of your career. And if you need additional help with implementation, just ask. My team and I are here to help you get the most from your investment.

You can't make a wrong choice....

I am genuinely excited for you right now!

Here's to YOUR breakthrough!

Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Breakthrough Advertising Mastery by itself?

Owners of Breakthrough Advertising can purchase a solo copy of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery here. 

If you don't already own a copy of Breakthrough Advertising, Breakthrough Advertising Mastery won't be as helpful for you. It would be like having an instruction manual for a car you don't own.

Brian, you really knew and worked with Gene Schwartz?

Yes, I was blessed to know Gene Schwartz…and not just casually either. Gene was my friend, mentor and business partner…and I learned so many lessons from him. 

I met Gene soon after starting my career at Boardroom in the early 1980’s. He was a mentor to me early in my career. Because I started out as a “list guy”, I worked with him on several different promotions for Boardroom. But I also helped him find the best lists to mail for his own small publishing company - Instant Improvement. He was a one of a kind friend and I am truly fortunate to have known him.

Is there an audio book for Breakthrough Advertising?

Not yet but this is something we plan on creating soon!

When will my order ship?

Typically orders are shipped within 24 - 48 hours after you purchase. Our fulfillment team operates Monday - Friday during normal business hours. Orders placed on weekends or holidays may require an extra day or two to ship.

In your guarantee you offer to help me personally. Is that true?

Yes! I run two Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamps every year with my Marketing Partner Chris Mason. It’s a two week virtual event where we show you over the course of SEVEN live Zoom calls how to implement Breakthrough Advertising.

We charge a small fee, but if you reach out and tell me you haven’t been able to make your investment back in 90 days, we will waive your fee and you can attend as our guests. We will ask you what you’ve done so far to study the book and what you’ve tried to implement. This guarantee should not be viewed as a way to buy the book(s), do nothing for 90 days and then contact us asking for a free ticket to the next bootcamp. 

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Please contact us here if you have additional questions.