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Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a step by step instruction manual that shows you how to implement Breakthrough Advertising into your business.

It's divided into two parts.

Part 1 is a study guide (150 pages!) packed with custom exercises, worksheets and a video training library that you get immediate access to.

Part 2 gives you all of the ads mentioned in the Gene's original book. 

Part 2 is also what makes the book weigh over FOUR Pounds which makes the shipping cost expensive.

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If you like the idea of having an Instruction Manual for Breakthrough Advertising that will walk you through the process that Gene created and give you…

…an easy to understand summary of every chapter

…specific exercises and drills for every chapter

worksheets for every exercise

…and training videos that show you how to use the worksheets and complete the exercises

Then I would like to offer you a digital version of Part 1 of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery along with ALL of the items listed above for one low price and immediate delivery.

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The Gene Schwartz Swipe File Collection

Since this special offer doesn't include all of the ads mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising, you can get the next best thing absolutely FREE.

We’ve put together a special digital collection of 10 promotions that Gene wrote for his own offers and the offers of his clients.

You will NOT find this collection anywhere else!

When you look through the promotions in this special collection, you'll be able to see how Gene used the concepts from Breakthrough Advertising on his own work.

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Here's a Quick Recap of Everything You're Getting

“How To” Exercises that build your “Marketing Muscle Memory”

If you want to internalize the concepts taught in Breakthrough Advertising so they become second nature, you have to practice them.

You need to build up your “Marketing Muscle Memory” to the degree that it just takes over when it’s time to create your next promotion. It's not about trying harder. Thinking about it longer. Pondering deeper. 

It's about flipping the switch and leveraging what you've embraced and ingrained.

And that takes practice. There’s just no other way around it.

So, inside you’ll get “How to” exercises that reinforce the key points offered in every single chapter of Breakthrough Advertising.

These exercises were developed specifically for readers who want an easy way to put the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising into practice. 

Time Saving Worksheets and Templates to Help You Find Your Breakthrough Faster

You don’t need to start from scratch or reinvent anything. Use the worksheets and templates we created for you to start implementing what you learn right away!

You will use these worksheets for the rest of your career.

Others will secretly wonder how you’re able to crank out new offers so quickly. Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us! :-)

Every Chapter Neatly Summarized

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery gives you the main concept discussed in each chapter along with WHY the concept is important and HOW you’ll use it going forward in your career.

If you know what you’re looking for, this stimulates your mind to pick up on new ideas - even the first time through the book!

Plus it's great for quick references!

Private Library of Current and Future Training Videos

Get access to the Breakthrough Advertising Resource Center where you’ll find walk through videos showing you how to do the exercises along with links you can use to download additional copies of all the worksheets.

Our video library of training content is constantly growing and you’ll have access to any new videos that are added for FREE... for life.

PLUS - The Gene Schwartz Swipe File Collection

10 Promotions Written by the Master Himself

Now you can study 10 of the greatest promotions Gene Schwartz ever wrote. See how he applied the principles of Breakthrough Advertising to his work.

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