Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising
By Eugene Schwartz

The most important book ever written about persuasion… copywriting… marketing… and human behavior

One of the most sophisticated books on advertising ever written. Virtually every master-level direct-response copywriter has read this book once, and most read it every year, only to discover new insights.

Be warned: This is an extremely dense read…but beneath the verbiage are profound insights that have stood the test of time.


I Will Teach You to be Rich

About Breakthrough Advertising

From the desk of Eugene Schwartz, 1984

Breakthrough Advertising was first published in 1966—what seems to be three lifetimes ago. It was put out by Prentice-Hall, a marvelous house; it sold only a few thousand copies. But since it was published I have had people coming to me regularly to tell me that they directly credit reading this book with their making millions of dollars.

This is amazing enough, but even more remarkable is the fact that—when I look back on it—not a single one of these people was a copywriter. Here is a book that is called Breakthrough Advertising...and yet was used by men and women who were

not in the business of advertising at all, to make more money than most of us ever dream of accumulating.

How did this happen?

Why was a publisher, a financier, a manufacturer of novelties, able to make so very much money with a book that is about putting sentences together? (The financier told me that, within one year after obtaining the book, he had raised his net worth from $100,000 to $10 million).

Are the sentences contained in these pages actually that powerful?

Can they change the fortunes of men so radically? Are they far more universally adaptable than I had first they are no longer about advertising products, but literally about opening whole new markets for them?

Therefore, eighteen years later, when Boardroom Books asked me to republish this text, I had to study it again, with the fresh eyes of a person who had not read it in all that time, to see what was the real content of my book, and its real effect on its readers.

My Red-Faced Shame - I Discovered the SECRET to Breakthrough Advertising 18 Years After I Wrote It

I did. I discovered the secret.

And I am using this introduction now to admit my red-faced shame. What I had thought I had written those many years ago was a book on advertising; what I actually put down on these pages was an entirely different book, on a far broader theme.

There is a way to develop an entirely new market for a new or an old product. That way involves a certain number of clearly-defined steps. And in this book I show you every single one of those steps.

As you may know, all of us—no matter what official designation we give the industry we do business in—are actually, on a deeper level, in exactly the same profession. We are all simply creating or exploiting markets for our products.

When the market is born, our business is simultaneously given birth. When it grows, so does our share of it. When it is mature, our sales charts develop their first aches and pains. And at that point, if we can develop a fresh new market for that old product, it is exactly as if we achieved the Faustian dream, and enabled that product to drink from the proverbial “Fountain of Youth.”

We are all primarily conceptual midwives, helping give birth to new markets for our products. All the other functions we, or our business, perform—the manufacturing, distribution, service, financing, and all the rest—are simply adjuncts to this vital central process.

We are, in a single phrase, “Market-Makers.”

We sense each new market in its turn. We test and evaluate its size and scope. We gauge its true potential financial strength, and then we focus all the people, all the money and all the desire that makes it up on one ultimate object: our own product.

Most of the time, the market exists before our product, and we simply tap its present strength. But, in this era of constant change, we ourselves may help give it its first viable financial form. We may sense that people want computers in their homes as well as their offices...or want to walk around all day with music plugged into their ears...or would like to spend three air-conditioned hours in a faraway galaxy, battling with light-swords against evil and tyranny.

Making a market, then, is not, as I thought when I originally wrote this book, simply a matter of making an ad. It is also the making of a product. And it is the making of a conduit through which that product can be obtained by the people whom you have made desire it more than an equivalent sum of their money.

Find Your Dream Market and
Create a Feeding Frenzy

This book outwardly talks about the sentences that make up the primary appeal of that product to that market. But its true and deeper message is found when it is interpreted as a market-diviner, and a market-intensifier. In other words, its message will show you how to find your “dream” market, and how to drive it into a national “feeding frenzy.”

And I have also made an equally important discovery upon reviewing this book since it was first published. The examples in its pages have grown slightly older, but the principles that these examples manifest are timeless. For example, if I were writing this book today, its examples would show more appreciation of feminism, environmental awareness, health and fitness striving—even the blessed sexual revolution. They would be more open and more frank than they could have been then.

All this is for the good—but this book is not about reviewing today’s ads, but creating from scratch tomorrow’s winners! This book is about avoiding the need for copying or imitating any other product or advertisement. So today’s examples are as “outdated” as those of two decades ago. This book is about what-happens-next, and the fundamental rules of making a fortune out of slightly redirecting that tomorrow.

You see, people don’t change; only the direction of their desires do.

They cannot be made to want anything, nor is it necessary to create want. All that is necessary is to be able to channel those wants into the proper products that offer legitimate satisfaction for them. It takes ten million...fifteen million...twenty-five million...fifty hundred and fifty million create a vast market for your goods. But it takes only one slip of paper—or its recitation by a series of salesmen—to direct all those millions of people to your stores, or your catalogs, or your wholesalers.

Not one single thing has changed in that regard since I wrote this book. Nor will it even alter in the slightest.

So this book is not about building better mousetraps. It is, however, about building larger mice, and then building terrifying fear of them in your customers. 

In other words, it is about helping to shape the largest and strongest market possible, and then intensifying that market’s reaction to its basic need or problem, and to the “exclusive” solution you have to offer it.

Ask Rodale Press—for whom I sold over twenty million dollars of a single book, The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

Ask the publisher of this book, Boardroom Reports, Inc.—who started out with $3,500 in total working capital, and who will probably do more than 25 million dollars in gross volume next year, with I am proud to say at least a little bit of assistance from me.

Even the seventeen businesses I’ve started or helped start…(Twenty-five percent of just one of them was sold for close to a million dollars in one day.)

These principles work. They discover markets. They build markets. They intensify markets. They revitalize markets. They perform, in sum, the invaluable function of giving you customers for the products you want or have to sell.

And that’s what we all need, isn’t it? Customers. This, therefore, is a book full of customers—for your products.

It is really nothing else.
Just customers, by the millions.

Eighteen years have passed. Three lifetimes. They’ve been good years, and good lives. I hadn’t read the book since then, but some hidden part of me had remembered it, and I think it’s worth your reading now.

If you agree with me, why not write and tell me so. I have several millionaires, and multimillionaires, to my credit now. I’d like to make the next one YOU.

Please help me.

Gene Schwartz

A Note From the Publisher

Hi my name is Brian Kurtz and Gene Schwartz was my friend and mentor for more than 20 years.

The letter you just read above is what Gene wrote about Breakthrough Advertising years later when the publishing company I worked with at the time, re-released his book.

I am honored to have the exclusive rights to his masterpiece Breakthrough Advertising and, along with his wife Barbara, make it available to a new generation.

This is a book that every business needs - especially if you work in marketing.

Take a look at the information on this page and if you have any questions, please do reach out!

-Brian Kurtz

“Thank You For Bringing This Mythical Publication Back To Life. This Is Concentrated Goodness”

Available at Last: The book that mentored your mentors

Commit to Learn from the Absolute Best!

For more than 50 years respected copywriters, marketers and business owners have relied on the careful instruction found inside Breakthrough Advertising to create a life of freedom and happiness for themselves.

How is it possible that a book written in 1966 on the topic of advertising, has made so many people successful and is still just as relevant to us today?

It’s possible when you understand the truth about Breakthrough Advertising.

Breakthrough Advertising is not simply a book about writing a good advertisement or compelling sales copy...

It is a book that SHOWS you in great detail, how to identify a single dominant mass desire in your market and then channel that desire, at will, toward your product or service.

These are the steps that “in the know” business owners have been quietly implementing for more than 50 years to create freedom and wealth for themselves and their families.

These business owners weren’t any smarter than you or I.

They didn’t come from vast sums of money.

They simply understood how to follow a process.

And it is this process that is masterfully described in the pages of Breakthrough Advertising - backed by more than 50 years of compounding proof.

Your good fortune, right now, has brought you to a special opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to embed into your being, a proven process that has been quietly producing millionaires for more than 50 years – but only for those who take the initiative to REALLY learn it.

And yes…you CAN learn this process hidden in plain sight inside the pages of Breakthrough Advertising.

Let’s Take a Deeper Look Inside the Book to see how it works…

Breakthrough Advertising is separated into two parts.

Part One teaches you how to think like a Market Maker.

A Market Maker is someone who has the ability to look at the world around them and quickly spot new entry points into the conversations people are having in their heads.

You will learn both the art and the science of identifying these hidden conversations and nurturing them to create a starving crowd hungry for your product.

You do this by slowly making them aware of a specific problem in their lives that only you can solve; a problem they may not know they had until YOU crystalized it for them.

These individuals will become your customers.

And purchasing your product will become the only logical solution to their problem when you follow the careful instruction of Breakthrough Advertising. 

In Part Two of the book, you will learn individual tactics that breathe life into your “new way of thinking.”

If Part One is the spark, Part Two is the non stop flow of gasoline…

You’ve been warned.

Just ONE idea from Breakthrough Advertising could easily be worth 1,000 times what you invest for this book. 

Here is just a small sampling of what you could be learning in the next few days…

PART 1 - The Basic Strategy of Persuasion

How to Write a Winning Headline that No One Has Ever Written Before

Chapter 1

Mass Desire: The Force that Makes Advertising Work – And How to Focus it Onto Your Product

Chapter 1 Reveals:

  • What you must never, ever, ever ask your copy to do (p. 3)
  • The real reason products fail (p. 7)
  • Why every product you sell is really two products…not understanding the details of this is why so many offers fail (p. 9)

Chapter 2

Your Prospect’s State of Awareness - How to Capitalize On It When You Write Your Headline

Chapter 2 Reveals:

  • Why your headline doesn’t need to sell anything (p. 14)
  • What keeps talented copywriters broke. Real wealth is created when you learn how to sell to THIS level of awareness. Revealed on page 20.
  • Why simply understanding your prospect’s problem isn’t enough. You have to choose the most effective a______e. See how on page 23.

Chapter 3

The Sophistication of Your Market: How Many Products Have Been There Before You?

Chapter 3 Reveals:

  • Three questions you must answer before you write your headline (p. 37)
  • How a weight loss company reinvented it’s headline after competitors flooded their market (p. 39)
  • What every headline MUST include if you have competitors (p. 42)

Chapter 4

38 Ways to Strengthen Your Headline Once You Have the Basic Idea

Chapter 4 Reveals:

  • What to do when you know what to say but you don’t know how to say it. (p. 51)
  • Why you should write to people who can’t buy your product (p. 57)
  • What if your claim is TOO good? Do this. (p. 58)

Chapter 5

Summary: The Art of Creative Planning - How to Make and Idea Grow

Chapter 5 Reveals:

  • How businesses routinely promote their competitor’s product without ever realizing it. (p. 60)
  • Why the copywriter’s primary job is not to write copy. (p. 61)
  • One of the most potent discoveries of consumer motivation research, once thought to be lost to history and now unearthed. Hope your competitors don’t read this one. (p. 63)

Chapter 6

Inside Your Prospect’s Mind - What Makes People Read, Want, Believe

Chapter 6 Reveals:

  • How long does your copy really need to be and how do you know? Your copy must be long enough to accomplish one simple thing (p. 72)
  • Why your advertising cannot alter reality for your prospect until you read this sentence on page 74. It begins “Advertising, like science…”

PART 2 - The Seven Basic Techniques of Breakthrough Advertising

How to Write Body Copy As Strong As Your Headline

Chapter 7

The First Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Intensification

Chapter 7 Reveals:

  • Why your prospects will never believe you until you show them this…and it’s not proof. (p. 86)
  • Two ways you can quickly expand your market’s desire (p. 96)

Chapter 8

The Second Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Identification

Chapter 8 Reveals:

  • Your product needs a personality. See how to build it starting on page 107.
  • The real reason your market doesn’t believe you. Hard but important truth on page 119.
  • The careful art of building prestige upon your product (p. 120)

Chapter 9

The Third Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Gradualization

Chapter 9 Reveals:

  • How to make your prospects believe your claims before you even state them (p. 129)
  • What you must never ask your prospect to believe (p. 131)
  • A NEW definition of awareness (p. 134)

Chapter 10

The Fourth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Redefinition

Chapter 10 Reveals:

  • The dead simple method for removing any objection from your product (p. 153)
  • How to sell products that are hard to use or difficult to apply (p. 158)
  • Reduce the price by charging more?! (p. 162)

Chapter 11

The Fifth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Mechanization

Chapter 11 Reveals:

  • The three essential consumer demands your copy must address or risk failure (p. 166)
  • IMPORTANT: Why your Mechanism copy can never become ________ (p. 170)
  • The smart creative gambles you can make with your copy that can pay off big. But ONLY once you understand what’s on page 173.

Chapter 12

The Sixth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Concentration

Chapter 12 Reveals:

  • p. 175 → Successful copy never sells a product. It sells this instead
  • How to destroy alternate ways for your prospect to satisfy their desire (p. 175)
  • Why you should never attack a competitor’s weakness you’re prepared to do this (p. 177)

Chapter 13

The Seventh Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Camouflage

Chapter 13 Reveals:

  • Audience doesn’t trust you yet? Learn the tried and true method of borrowing believability so they trust you the first time (starts on page 186)
  • All About Advertorials! They still work and Schwartz was a master. See his two advertorial tear downs on page 188.

Chapter 14

The Final Touches

Chapter 14 Reveals:

  • How to make two claims do the work of four (p. 200)
  • The lost art of creating “momentum builders” that draw your reader deeper and deeper into your copy (p .215)

Breakthrough Advertising is one of the all-time great marketing books by one of the all-time great marketers. Every aspiring marketer or copywriter should read it.


Breakthrough Advertising is the core strategy we use inside our agency that manages over $100,000,000 in annual ad spend. It's the strategy we use to convert cold traffic, at a positive ROAS for agency clients. The first three chapters should be repetitiously studied... if you desire success in marketing and business.


Top 5 greatest business books ever written. And top 3 most useful and practical business books ever written. I reference this book every week on our team calls and with clients. (Great stuff Brian.)

Todd Herman

You Don’t Have to Be a Copywriter or Even Like Writing to Make a Handsome Profit

Very Wealthy Plumbers, Accountants, Stock Brokers, Carpet Cleaners, Roofers, Mattress Store Owners, Dentists and IT Professionals Can All Confirm THE PROCESS WORKS

In 1966, Gene Schwartz had no idea that the process he created in Breakthrough Advertising would be used by thousands of men and women to build the life of their dreams.

Even more amazing is the fact that many of these same men and women had never written a line of marketing or sales copy in their life!

How could a book that shows you how to put sentences together in a certain way, make so many people so wealthy?

And how has it done this consistently for more than 50 years?

As Gene asked in his introduction above...

“Are the sentences contained in the pages that follow actually that powerful? Can they change the fortunes of men so radically? Are they far more universally adaptable than I had first thought…so they are no longer about advertising products, but literally about opening whole new markets for them?”

It wasn’t until decades later that he discovered the secret.

See he thought, as you may be thinking now, that he had written a book about advertising.

He later realized he had not.

He had actually created an entirely different book on a “far broader theme.”

Here’s how he put it:

“There is a way to develop an entirely new market for a new or an old product. That way involves a certain number of clearly defined steps. And in this book I show you every single one of those steps.”

Breakthrough Advertising walks you through a PROCESS that, when followed to the letter, creates entirely new markets out of thin air for your already existing products. 

You will also see opportunities for new products no one ever imagined possible.

Breakthrough Advertising transforms the fortunes of anyone who invests the time to understand its instructions and implement them.

I’m not aware of any other 56 year old book that can make and sustain a claim like this decade after decade, in any economy and under any government leader.

Thankfully, you’ve found your way to this page.

And you are so close to experiencing your own personal breakthrough!

It’s Not Magic. But It Sure Feels Like It.

I would never tell you that the process found in Breakthrough Advertising is easy.

Nothing of value ever is.

But I will tell you that if you are willing to go through the material, to try and fail and then try again, you can achieve the life you want.

Everything you need to know about marketing was taught decades ago.

You don’t need new tactics.

You need a North Star; something that keeps you pointed in the right direction consistently. 

Because we all know that success is created by doing the right things over and over and over again.

Even when they seem boring.

Breakthrough Advertising has been quietly producing millionaires for more than 50 years.

Its principles are unchanging because they work.

You can trust what it tells you to do.

It’s not magic. But it sure does feel like it.

WARNING: There is One Risk You MUST Know About Before Buying Though…

Now I’m going to do something unorthodox.

I’m going to give you a reason to NOT buy this book.

Most people, when selling a product, would avoid introducing an objection like the one you’re about to hear.

But it’s intentional and I’ll tell you why.

I’m not trying to “just sell you something.” 

I genuinely want to help you make the decision that’s best for you and your business.

(Just see my guarantee below if you don’t believe me!)

So here’s what you need to know.

First thing’s first…

When you buy Breakthrough Advertising below, you are making one of the smartest investments you can make in yourself and your business. [Full Stop!]

But as Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich said in his testimonial at the top of this page…

This is an extremely dense read. 

You are probably used to modern day books or even online courses where everything is neatly organized into modules with nice graphics and downloadable worksheets.

Breakthrough Advertising by itself is not that kind of book.

  • YES it will become your secret weapon.
  • YES it will be a book you study for the rest of your career.
  • And YES you will begin to see where so many of the “new marketing concepts” being peddled online today originated.

But it will demand your focus and attention as you read through it. 


In bite sized pieces as you take in the lessons that will ultimately rewire the way you think about persuasion, human behavior and how people really make buying decisions.

I’m not bringing this up to scare you but to level with you.

All the amazing promises of Breakthrough Advertising that you’ve read on this page or heard from others are 100% true.

But to make these promises true, you have to implement what you learn…and I want to help you do this. 

When I secured the rights to bring this masterpiece back to life (with Gene’s wife Barbara's blessing) I also knew that I needed to create other materials and resources to help a new generation of copywriters, marketers (and dare I say, “behavioral scientists”), understand this dense and game changing volume at its core.

I’m happy to report to you, that these much needed materials and resources are now available to you today!


Why Shouldn’t I Do Everything in My Power to Make Breakthrough Advertising As Simple As Possible for YOU to Implement and Profit From?

For more than a year, my marketing partner Chris Mason and I put our collective noses to the grindstone to give you something truly special.

We wanted to create something that could serve as an instruction manual for readers of Breakthrough Advertising who are action takers at heart but also have limited attention.

I’m proud to say that we did that and a whole lot more.

We created the very first companion implementation guide that takes you by the hand, step-by-step, through Breakthrough Advertising.

And with your permission I’d like to show it to you now.

Introducing Breakthrough Advertising Mastery

The First Ever Implementation Guide for Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a one of a kind resource that will serve as your treasure map to the world of opportunity that Gene opened up for us all. 

It will show you step by step how to implement the game-changing ideas and concepts found in Breakthrough Advertising.

It will be your companion, at your side, guiding you through every page.

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will walk you through the key strategies found in each chapter of Breakthrough Advertising with never-before-released exercises, training videos and worksheets that demonstrate how to effectively implement what you learn.

Inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll find:

“How To” Exercises that build your “Marketing Muscle Memory”

Gene was famous for saying he never suffered from writer’s block a day in his life. 

How is that even possible?

It’s possible when you have a process.

If you want to internalize the concepts taught in Breakthrough Advertising so they become second nature, you have to practice them.

You need to build up your “Marketing Muscle Memory” to the degree that it just takes over when it’s time to create your next promotion. It's not about trying harder. Thinking about it longer. Pondering deeper. 

It's about flipping the switch and leveraging what you've embraced and ingrained.

And that takes practice. There’s just no other way around it.

So, inside you’ll get “How to” exercises that reinforce the key points offered in every single chapter of Breakthrough Advertising.

These exercises were developed specifically for readers who want an easy way to put the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising into practice. 

Time Saving Worksheets and Templates to Help You Find Your Breakthrough Faster

You don’t need to start from scratch or reinvent anything. Use the worksheets and templates we created for you to start implementing what you learn right away!

You will use these worksheets for the rest of your career.

Others will secretly wonder how you’re able to crank out new offers so quickly. Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us! :-)

Every Chapter Neatly Summarized

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery gives you the main concept discussed in each chapter along with WHY the concept is important and HOW you’ll use it going forward in your career.

If you know what you’re looking for, this stimulates your mind to pick up on new ideas - even the first time through the book!

Plus it's great for quick references!

Space to Write and Organize Your Thoughts!

You will refer to Breakthrough Advertising almost every time you write a promotion. It WILL become your secret weapon.

So don’t put yourself in a position where you are constantly hunting around looking for random pieces of paper and post-it notes with ideas you jotted down while reading the book.

Keep all your thoughts organized inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery so you can refer to one source of truth whenever you need it.

Inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll find lots of space to write notes and complete the exercises for each chapter.

Private Library of Current and Future Training Videos

Get access to the Breakthrough Advertising Resource Center where you’ll find walk through videos showing you how to do the exercises along with links you can use to download additional copies of all the worksheets.

Our video library of training content is constantly growing and you’ll have access to any new videos that are added for FREE... for life.

You get everything above when you bundle Breakthrough Advertising Mastery with your purchase.

But that’s not everything!

We’ve saved the best for last!

One Final Surprise For You!

See All the Original Ads Mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising Printed in Full Color and Referenced by Page Number

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery has one other surprise for you.

We’ve tracked down nearly every ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising and printed them in full color for you and indexed everything by page number for easy reference.

See the Ads that Inspired Gene While Writing Breakthrough Advertising

You’ll be able to see the ads Gene references in his book as he saw them.

You’ll even see different versions of the same ads to see how they changed with the market. 

Here’s an example…

If you are reading about the different stages of Market Sophistication in Chapter 3, you will come across an example of an ad that used to show what a “Stage 3 Market Sophistication” headline sounds like. 

But the book doesn’t actually SHOW you the ad. It only shows the copy.

Just take a look at this example from the chapter on "Headline Patterns."

You can see that #7 is circled and the first headline is "Here's an Extra $50 Grace - I'm Making Big Money Now!" that's circled below...

Example: How the "Grace" ad appears in Breakthrough Advertising.

It's a great headline BUT you don't get to see the entire ad.

Enter Breakthrough Advertising Mastery...

Here is what this same headline looks like in Breakthrough Advertising Mastery:

UPGRADE: How the "Grace" ad appears in Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

With Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you will be able to see the ad in its full glory! You'll see not only the copy but also the imagery and layout.

PLUS, Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will tell you every page number this ad is mentioned on. This is true for every single ad in Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Over 600 ads in all!

With the exception of a few hard to find ads, we’ve done this for every ad mentioned in the Breakthrough Advertising!

WATCH: Take a Sneak Peek inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery

Love this book and I love that you're promoting it! From a marketing standpoint, if you haven't already you NEED to read this book. It's an MBA in marketing.

Wes Briggs

Breakthrough Advertising is easily the most expensive book I've ever bought. It's also the most VALUABLE. It has helped me revitalize stale products, turn around my companies, and create marketing that works.

Jake Randall

Instant classic. Time tested and proven methods to better run your business and life. If you're interested in reaching new heights and doing it with fewer problems this is a must read book.

It describes the principles plus fundamentals to a long, lucrative and fulfilling career as a successful entrepreneur.

Daryl Urbanski

Breakthrough Advertising has completely shifted how I look at my marketing. Each chapter is solid gold and worth 10x the cost of the book, but the section on the Levels of Market Awareness has got to be one of the best things i've ever applied to my business and marketing, and easily responsible for several hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business.

Kim Barrett

It's one of only 2 books I read again and again several times per year. Its proven to be the most valuable gift I've received from you Brian Kurtz It's like an upgrade to your brain everytime you consume it.

Darren Casey

You can read thousands of marketing and business books (which I have) or you can read and apply just one; Breakthrough Advertising! Applying the concepts learned through B.A. has helped me grow my business and it will help anyone grow theirs as long as they apply the knowledge.

Dave Streen

Ready to Place Your Order?
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  • YES! I’m ready to make the promises of Breakthrough Advertising true for me. I understand that I have 90 days to read Breakthrough Advertising AND the companion study guide Breakthrough Advertising Mastery cover to cover. I also understand that if I am unhappy for any reason, Brian will personally help me implement the book in my business until I get the breakthrough I deserve.

Please choose the option that works best for you below…

Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz

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  • Custom worksheets you’ll use again and again for all your current and future promotions
  • Neatly summarized chapters so you can quickly get the main concepts. Great for fast references or a quick refresher
  • Private library of training videos showing how the exercises and worksheets are used in real life along with access to new trainings and materials for life

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Breakthrough Advertising Only

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Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery

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Private training portal to download worksheets and view training videos

All the original ads mentioned in BA in Full Color

90 Day Purchase Protection Guarantee

Neatly summarized chapters for quick references


$125 + Shipping

$199 + Shipping

Breakthrough Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will be resources you'll use for the rest of your career. And if you need additional help with implementation, just ask. My team and I are here to help you get the most from your investment. 

You can't make a wrong choice...

I am genuinely excited for you right now!

Here's to YOUR breakthrough!

Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing


Brian, you really knew and worked with Gene Schwartz?

Yes, I was blessed to know Gene Schwartz…and not just casually either. Gene was my friend, mentor and business partner…and I learned so many lessons from him. 

I met Gene soon after starting my career at Boardroom in the early 1980’s. He was a mentor to me early in my career. Because I started out as a “list guy”, I worked with him on several different promotions for Boardroom. But I also helped him find the best lists to mail for his own small publishing company - Instant Improvement. He was a one of a kind friend and I am truly fortunate to have known him.

Is there an audio book for Breakthrough Advertising?

Not yet but this is something we plan on creating soon!

When will my order ship?

Typically orders are shipped within 24 - 48 hours after you purchase. Our fulfillment team operates Monday - Friday during normal business hours. Orders placed on weekends or holidays may require an extra day or two to ship.

In your guarantee you offer to help me personally. Is that true?

Yes! I run two Breakthrough Advertising Bootcamps every year with my Marketing Partner Chris Mason. It’s a two week virtual event where we show you over the course of SEVEN live Zoom calls how to implement Breakthrough Advertising.

We charge a small fee, but if you reach out and tell me you haven’t been able to make your investment back in 90 days, we will waive your fee and you can attend as our guests. We will ask you what you’ve done so far to study the book and what you’ve tried to implement. This guarantee should not be viewed as a way to buy the book(s), do nothing for 90 days and then contact us asking for a free ticket to the next bootcamp. 

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Please contact us here if you have additional questions.