Introducing Breakthrough Advertising Mastery

The First Ever Implementation Guide for Breakthrough Advertising

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a one of a kind resource that will serve as your treasure map to the world of opportunity that Gene opened up for us all. 

It will show you step by step how to implement the game-changing ideas and concepts found in Breakthrough Advertising.

It will be your companion, at your side, guiding you through every page.

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will walk you through the key strategies found in each chapter of Breakthrough Advertising with never-before-released exercises, training videos and worksheets that demonstrate how to effectively implement what you learn.

Over 500 pages!

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Dear Breakthrough Advertising Owner,

Brian Kurtz here with some exciting news I've been itching to share with you for many, many months.

From the introduction at the top of this page, I gather you already know what this news is about. 

BUT if you'll allow me, I'd like to briefly share with you why the release of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is so important.

Over the last few years we've sold thousands of copies of Breakthrough Advertising to people who are at different stages in their direct marketing education.

And one comment my team and I have received on a regular basis from customers, regardless of their level of expertise is: 

Breakthrough Advertising is an extremely dense read.

It's true...

When I secured the rights to bring this masterpiece back to life (with Gene’s wife Barbara's blessing) I also knew that I needed to create other materials and resources to help a new generation of copywriters, marketers (and dare I say, “behavioral scientists”), understand this dense and game changing volume at its core.

In 1966, Gene Schwartz had no idea that the process he created in Breakthrough Advertising would be used by thousands of men and women to build the life of their dreams.

Even more amazing is the fact that many of these same men and women had never written a line of marketing or sales copy in their life!

How could a book that shows you how to put sentences together in a certain way, make so many people so wealthy?

And how has it done this consistently for more than 50 years?

As Gene asks in his introduction of the book...

“Are the sentences contained in the pages that follow actually that powerful? Can they change the fortunes of men so radically? Are they far more universally adaptable than I had first thought…so they are no longer about advertising products, but literally about opening whole new markets for them?”

It wasn’t until decades later that he discovered the secret.

See he thought that he had written a book about advertising. 

He later realized he had not.

He had actually created an entirely different book on a “far broader theme.”

Here’s how he put it:

“There is a way to develop an entirely new market for a new or an old product. That way involves a certain number of clearly defined steps. And in this book I show you every single one of those steps.”

Breakthrough Advertising provides you with a PROCESS that, when followed to the letter, creates entirely new markets out of thin air for your new or already existing products. 

It has the power to transform the fortunes of anyone who invests the time to understand its instructions and implement them.

And you don't have to be a copywriter or even like writing to profit from the "Breakthrough Advertising Process." 

I’m not aware of any other 56 year old book that can make and sustain a claim like this decade after decade, in any economy and under any government leader.

However, Breakthrough Advertising demands your focus and attention as you read through it. 


In bite sized pieces as you take in the lessons that will ultimately rewire the way you think about persuasion, human behavior and how people really make buying decisions.

I’m not bringing this up to scare you but to level with you.

All the amazing promises of Breakthrough Advertising are 100% true. But to make these promises a reality, you have to implement what you learn…

And I want to help you do this.


Why Shouldn’t I Do Everything in My Power to Make Breakthrough Advertising As Simple As Possible for YOU to Implement and Profit From?

For more than a year, my marketing partner Chris Mason and I have put our collective noses to the grindstone to give you something truly special.

We wanted to create something that could serve as an instruction manual for readers of Breakthrough Advertising who are action takers at heart but also have limited attention.

I’m proud to say that we did that and a whole lot more with Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is the very first companion implementation guide that takes you by the hand, step-by-step, through the process of Breakthrough Advertising.

And with your permission I’d like to show you what's inside...

Inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll find:

“How To” Exercises that build your “Marketing Muscle Memory”

Gene was famous for saying he never suffered from writer’s block a day in his life. 

How is that even possible?

It’s possible when you have a process.

If you want to internalize the concepts taught in Breakthrough Advertising so they become second nature, you have to practice them.

You need to build up your “Marketing Muscle Memory” to the degree that it just takes over when it’s time to create your next promotion. It's not about trying harder. Thinking about it longer. Pondering deeper. 

It's about flipping the switch and leveraging what you've embraced and ingrained.

And that takes practice. There’s just no other way around it.

So, inside you’ll get “How to” exercises that reinforce the key points offered in every single chapter of Breakthrough Advertising.

These exercises were developed specifically for readers who want an easy way to put the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising into practice. 

Time Saving Worksheets and Templates to Help You Find Your Breakthrough Faster

You don’t need to start from scratch or reinvent anything. Use the worksheets and templates we created for you to start implementing what you learn right away!

You will use these worksheets for the rest of your career.

Others will secretly wonder how you’re able to crank out new offers so quickly. Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us! :-)

Every Chapter Neatly Summarized

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery gives you the main concept discussed in each chapter along with WHY the concept is important and HOW you’ll use it going forward in your career.

If you know what you’re looking for, this stimulates your mind to pick up on new ideas - even the first time through the book!

Plus it's great for quick references!

Space to Write and Organize Your Thoughts!

You will refer to Breakthrough Advertising almost every time you write a promotion. It WILL become your secret weapon.

So don’t put yourself in a position where you are constantly hunting around looking for random pieces of paper and post-it notes with ideas you jotted down while reading the book.

Keep all your thoughts organized inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery so you can refer to one source of truth whenever you need it.

Inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you’ll find lots of space to write notes and complete the exercises for each chapter.

Private Library of Current and Future Training Videos

Get access to the Breakthrough Advertising Resource Center where you’ll find walk through videos showing you how to do the exercises along with links you can use to download additional copies of all the worksheets.

Our video library of training content is constantly growing and you’ll have access to any new videos that are added for FREE... for life.

You get everything above when you bundle Breakthrough Advertising Mastery with your purchase.

But that’s not everything!

We’ve saved the best for last!

One Final Surprise For You!

See All the Original Ads Mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising Printed in Full Color and Referenced by Page Number

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery has one other surprise for you.

We’ve tracked down nearly every ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising and printed them in full color for you and indexed everything by page number for easy reference.

See the Ads that Inspired Gene Schwartz While Writing Breakthrough Advertising

When you open your copy of Breakthrough Advertising Mastery, you’ll be able to see the ads Gene references in his book as he saw them.

You’ll even see different versions of the same ads so you can understand how they changed to suit the market. 

Here’s an example…

If you are reading about the different stages of Market Sophistication in Chapter 3, you will come across an example of an ad that Gene uses to show what a “Stage 3 Market Sophistication” headline sounds like. 

But the book doesn’t actually SHOW you the ad. It only shows the copy.

Just take a look at this example from the chapter on "Headline Patterns."

You can see that #7 is circled and the first headline is "Here's an Extra $50 Grace - I'm Making Big Money Now!" that's circled below...

Example: How the "Grace" ad appears in Breakthrough Advertising.

It's a great headline BUT you don't get to see the entire ad.

Enter Breakthrough Advertising Mastery...

Here is what this same headline looks like in Breakthrough Advertising Mastery:

UPGRADE: How the "Grace" ad appears in Breakthrough Advertising Mastery.

With Breakthrough Advertising Mastery you will be able to see the ad in its full glory! You'll see not only the copy but also the imagery and layout.

PLUS, Breakthrough Advertising Mastery will tell you every chapter and page number this ad is mentioned on in the original 1966 text. This means you can reference the actual ad Gene was looking at when he decided to include it in Breakthrough Advertising.

There are over 300 advertisements in all just waiting to be added to your swipe file!

With the exception of a few hard to find ads, we’ve done this for every ad mentioned in the Breakthrough Advertising!

WATCH: Take a Sneak Peek inside Breakthrough Advertising Mastery - Over 500 Pages!

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  • Easy to use “How To” exercises for each chapter that teach you how to implement what you learn and build your Marketing Muscle Memory
  • Custom worksheets you’ll use again and again for all your current and future promotions
  • Neatly summarized chapters so you can quickly get the main concepts. Great for fast references or a quick refresher
  • Private library of training videos showing how the exercises and worksheets are used in real life along with access to new trainings and materials for life

AND…how could we forget?

  • You also get nearly every original ad mentioned in Breakthrough Advertising printed in full color and referenced by page number! Over 300 ads for your swipe file.

Breakthrough Advertising Mastery is a utility and a collector’s item all in one!

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You will receive access to the training library immediately after your order.

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